Unstructured data and GDPR

GDPR Regulation takes into account all personal information handled in your organization. Many are stored as structured data – in databases, customer relationship management software or in other systems. However it commonly estimated that 80% of all data in your organization is unstrucutred – PDF documents, MS Word Documents, Powerpoint presentations – just think about all the presentations you have made.

And these “unstructured data” should also be considered when thinking about GDPR and most importantly about sensitive data in general.

Cogniware GDPR Explorer is great for structured data but where it really shines is unstructured content. All your presnetations, agreements, meeting notes even emails if that is legally possible in your case can be analyzed and personal information in them recognized.

The GDPR is not the only reason why you should be interested in analyzing the content of your unstructured data. Imagine this situation – compicated project with one of your partners has finished. All the documentation is covered by a heavy NDA. You need a way how to quickly discover where all the documents concerning the project are and dispose of them as stated in the NDA. Are you able to do so now? With GDPR Explorers Discovery function you would be.