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Cogniware Insights Features


Insight is a business description of a situation or an event inside your datasets – a short fact that provides an accurate and deep understanding of properties or behavior of a particular entity. Insights can be set up by your expert who creates rules for them or suggested by system automatically based on machine learning anomaly detection.

Pattern search

Patterns are created by users for themselves or to be shared by the whole team in answering complex investigation questions. The analyst or detective needs to test a particular hypothesis – he or she uses the graphical interface to put together the pattern and immediately results matching the query are displayed. These can be than refined or the pattern changed to continue the investigation.

Find connections

Find connections shows and uncovers relationships between two individual entities (such as people or phone numbers). Different options for the relationship such as “length” can be specified. This allows only for certain types or levels of relationship to be included in the results.

Geospatial search

Geospatial search gives the benefit of naturally descriptive search results – displayed on map with the search area specified by placing a beacon on the map is a very inviting way of analysis.

360 Degree view of entities

Catalog holds all the entities in the system (coming from various sources). All search features lead the detective or analyst to one or more entities and their relationships stored in the catalog. It provides a 360 degree view for each of the entities and plainly shows the whole picture.

Investigation tools

Cases, Boards and Notes all serve the analyst or detective to mark down, store and share the findings he or she achieved through all the other features.
Case is a virtual container that groups objects, tasks, findings and analysis outputs. It is shared among the investigation team and allows for easy and effective collaboration.
Boards in Cogniware Insights are similar to old-fashioned investigation boards. Board represents a canvas to create custom chart visualization from data – they can be used to analyze and share the results of a particular pattern or other search.
Notepad functionality is used by an individuals or teams to continuously mark down important information.


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