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Cogniware stands for Cognitive Software Company, our solutions solve problems and learn through experience. Based in the "heart" of Europe, Czech Republic we've delivered more than 50 projects in 17 countries. Every year our team circumnavigates the earth, 14 times. Apart from a long standing relationship with IBM, we deliver our own investigation platform Cogniware ARGOS and Data Discovery and Enterprise Search software Cogniware Explorer.

Worldwide presence

Cogniware has been gaining experience with projects in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and North America since 2014 See for yourself.

North America

ASICS details

Project Scope:

Internal IBM system - Integrated system that helps Application owners to keep documentation for their applications aligned with the compliance requirements. Key processes: Documents and process management based on the IBM FileNet Content
Manager platform, User Interface based on the IBM Content Navigator, Automatic guidance for Application owners which documents need to be created/updated, Automatic process for documents overview/approval after creation/update, Automatic documents and Application Instances compliance status calculations, Automatic access rights updating according to changes in external systems, Compliance Dashboard: Page that shows the current document compliance status, Documents issue management, System integration with external systems that follows organization’s rules.

Technologies: IBM FileNet, IBM Case Manager, IBM Content Navigator, IBM Watson Explorer Advanced Edition

Sector: Public

Country: USA

Project language: English


Public and Social Media Analytics details

Project Scope:

Development of custom crawlers for Cogniware Data Collector Social, setup crawling jobs and further analysis within IBM Watson Content Analytics.

Technologies: Cogniware Data Collector, IBM Watson Content Analytics

Sector: Government

Country: Slovak Republic

Project language: English

Cognitive Adviser details

Project Scope:

Implementation of cognitive adviser for delivering all structured/unstructured information about (or related to) the customers and potential customers in one uniform portal (360° view) and helping to make a decision in classifying subjects regarding to already classified customers. Intuitive and interactive UI configured for continuous feedback from users to be able to learn and improve its’ own advising knowledge.

Technologies: IBM Watson Explorer Foundation (Vivisimo), IBM Watson Explorer AE, IBM WEX Application Builder, IBM Content Classification

Sector: Insurance

Country: Switzerland

Project language: German

Caseman details

Design, configuration and development in the technologies listed below, mainly concerning integration points between customer core systems and Caseman, both in workflows and integration bus and design/implementation of a migration tool.

Technologies: IBM Case Manager, IBM Integration Bus, IBM Content Navigator

Sector: Public Transport

Country: Belgium

Project language: English

Slovak Support for IBM WEX AE details

Project Scope:

Delivery of a Slovak language support for IBM WEX AE, identification and control of processes, building dictionaries and rules, testing and improving quality, processing legal requirements.
Technologies: IBM Watson Explorer Advanced Edition Analytical Components

Sector: IT

Country: Slovak Republic

Project language: English, Czech, Slovak

Documents and processes admin. system details

Project Scope:

Feasibility study, business analysis, AS-IS, TO-BE and GAP analyses of business processes (general workflow, scanning, archive processes). ECM system analysis, layout and implementation. Return of investments (ROI) and benefits of ECM system introduction

Technologies: IBM Content Manager

Sector: Finance

Country: Czech Republic

Project language: English

Middle East

Public Safety Solution details

Project Scope:

Installation, setup and customization of IBM Watson Content Analytics and IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook (IBM i2 ANB). Arabic text analysis, entity detection and visualization within IBM i2 ANB using our own integration between IBM Watson Content Analytics and IBM i2 ANB

Technologies: IBM Watson Explorer AE, IBM i2 ANB

Sector: Government

Country: Jordan

Project language: English

Analysis Platform details

Project scope:

Implementation an analytical system for investigating suspicious patterns of movement and behavior of civilians and foreign nationals on the territory of the state. The key goal of the project was to integrate and consolidate data records from different data silos containing border crossings, database of civilians and details of individuals and their criminal history (including investigative reports) to enable analysts to search and identify a specific target from millions of records in seconds.

Technologies: IBM Enterprise Insight Analysis

Sector: Government

Country: Jordan

Project language: English

Voice of the people details

Implementation an analytical system for analyzing various online data sources (Twitter, web, radio feeds) to identify key issues in various areas of public life. Creation of customized dashboards and specialized entity extractors.

Technologies: IBM Watson Explorer Advanced Edition Analytical Components

Sector: Government

Country: UAE

Project language: English

Cogniware Professionals

Cogniware team is our greatest asset and we are very proud of every colleague we have.

Jan Racko
Chief Executive Officer
Marian Novodomec
Chief Financial Officer
Tomáš Tunega
Chief Operating Officer
Martin Kovář
Dominik Franěk
Head of professional services

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